Fantasiar – Return of a Shaman


Alliance shaman Fantasiar (elemantal / restoration) on US-Drak’Tharon returns. He looks a bit rusty if you ask me but hey, its been nearly 4 months now. We wish you all the best Fantasiar and may many purple drop on your journey. Fail Train or Disciples of Redemption on US-Warsong will be his home. The decision will be made within the next couple of days.


Is it worth it?


WoW Graveyard

Today, something unusual happened in Azeroth. It was early in the morning in Stormwind. The thaw was covering the green grass, the fog was still hovering over the sleeping city because the sun hasn’t risen yet. Two patrolling guards saw something this morning which later on noone would believe. full story »

Story told in sand


An artist from the show Ukraine’s got talent. Emotional pictures.

Apple/Mac essentials


Why hello there,

this entry will be dedicated to the things that make a Mac not only unique but take productivity to the next level. Enhance your Mac to make it fly. Give it some steroids and see how wonderfully powerful the Mac really is. Belittled by the PC brotherhood for many years, show them who is the boss by learning to get the most out of your Mac. Make your Microsoft ‘friends’ jealous with the abilities that you can unleash with some pretty nifty apps.

Pc < Mac

Pc < Mac

full story »

India TV-market, anyone?


So apparently germany and its german speaking neighbors, Austria and Switzerland aren’t enough for my agency called lucky7even which is located in munich Germany. For one of our clients we are considering to expand to India! No joke! I mean a population of 1,166,730,000 is a little bit more then the 82,062,200 we got here in Germany. And who needs the ca. 100 german speaking TV-stations when you can have roughly about 900 indian broadcaster and TV-stations? Why produce film footage in only one language when you can have 22 different languages in a single country? So the question is: does anyone know which the most popular TV-stations in India are??? full story »

The Craft of War: BLIND


Prolly the bestest WoW-clip out there at the moment. It’s an oldie but still a goodie. Anyone curious about the song? It’s “Hide & Seek” by Namie Amuro. Enjoy!

Big Man Japan – Trailer


Might be the WTF-moment of the day. New movie coming out called Big Man Japan. A must see i think… lol.