India TV-market, anyone?

So apparently germany and its german speaking neighbors, Austria and Switzerland aren’t enough for my agency called lucky7even which is located in munich Germany. For one of our clients we are considering to expand to India! No joke! I mean a population of 1,166,730,000 is a little bit more then the 82,062,200 we got here in Germany. And who needs the ca. 100 german speaking TV-stations when you can have roughly about 900 indian broadcaster and TV-stations? Why produce film footage in only one language when you can have 22 different languages in a single country? So the question is: does anyone know which the most popular TV-stations in India are???Does anyone know what the names of the bigger media broadcaster in india are? Are all private or financed by the indian government? Is it true that 80% of the content is produced in english? So many question but yet so few answers. I started my research by calling the indian embassy in berlin after browsing the internet for a few hours. The girl on fone told me to write her boss an email and so i did. And so far, no response…

So please help me out here if you should have any input whatsoever. I would appreciate it a lot, even if you could only point me into the right direction to where to find this kind of information. Thank you!


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