Is it worth it?

WoW Graveyard

Today, something unusual happened in Azeroth. It was early in the morning in Stormwind. The thaw was covering the green grass, the fog was still hovering over the sleeping city because the sun hasn’t risen yet. Two patrolling guards saw something this morning which later on noone would believe.

Their patrol tour came to an abrupt end when they all of the sudden saw a sketchy figure across Canal District. That dark figure was wearing a dark cloak and his face was covered by his worn-out hood. He was walking towards the Cathedral District in a slow and heavy way. The weak figure turned bigger and stronger with each step the guards got closer to him. Fast, it was noticeable that this guy was not a regular guy. Both guards were following him, keeping a safe distance to him. The stranger has had a long journey behind him that was for sure. His hands were big and strong, his statue terrifying. His breath was slow but deep. The sound of it had something comforting. According to his many scares on his forearms this person must have been in quite a few battles. Slowly it became clear: this person was a warrior some time ago. But these days were long gone.

The guards followed the draenei, his tail gave it away, into the cathedral and watched him pray in front of the alter. A few moments later, the warrior got up, turned around and pulled a small envelope out of his heavy coat. He stared on the crumpled envelope for a little moment like he was unsure or somehow emotional attached to that what was inside the envelope. All of the sudden, the warrior lifts his head and spots the alliance guards. He looked them right into their eyes. One guard now knew who that sketchy warrior was. At that moment his hearth skipped a heartbeat so terrified was he. He grabbed the other guard and flew out of the church like being chased by an evil ghost.

Outside, both were hiding behind a tree and waiting for the draenei to leave the cathedral. They watched him walk to the Champion’s Hall and how he made halt in front of it. The mailbox outside was the draenei’s destination all along. A last look, and he  threw the envelope through the tiny slid. Then, from the nowhere, bright lightnings. The scared guards see how the warrior transforms in an eye-blink into a ghostwolf. Like hell was the wolf running towards the Stormwind’s gates to disappear in Elwynn Forrest shortly after.

The clueless guard was wondering who he was. The other guard responded: “a legend!” He took of and rushed to Stormwind Castle to report the king the unbelievable news. The clueless guard was left behind, but he spotted a small sign above the mailbox: Disciples of Redemption.  “Whatever that means…” thought the lonely guard. All he knew was that the sketchy guy was a draenei and that he was a shaman with some funky lightning bolts.


One Response to Is it worth it?

  1. germanboy3383 says:

    well i dare to say that nothing is worth to play that again but…i would also very much like to see what this mysterious warrior could show us with his iPhone 😉

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