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Thought before I post day01 tonight I will try and fire off a post on all the tools and supplements that I use for P90X. I have a lot of links to the official websites included so you can get more information about them. That’s just how kind and gracious I am.

My 2 cents

First, let me say that, if you care about your body, then you should know that regular diet will not supply your body with enough nutrients; will you function if you do not take supplements, yes, but it will not be at an optimal level. Is it necessary to buy all the listed products below? No, of course not. You could perfectly be capable of doing P90X with a lot less, but you will not get the most out of the program if you don’t.

Here is why: In order to do well in P90X, you have to couple diet with workout, and the workout part will only be as successful as you can make it. That means pushing yourself, pushing your limits, doing that one extra rep. Working out is, as most other things, a mind thing. So now, if you can push yourself to the limit you will ache in places you didn’t think existed before. So in order to show up for the next day’s workout you need to recover, this is where supplements help you.

How glutamine and creatine work probably deserves another blog post on its on merit, but they are both very beneficial to you. Let’s just say one helps you recover while the other helps you gain muscles. By the way, to get this out of the way, if the ladies think that they would bulk up too much doing P90X, let me assure you, if you want to achieve some great sleek look, this is the way to go, as you dedicate by choosing your weight/resistance and reps. Do more reps with less weight = toning, do less reps with more weight = volume. You will not become a bulging hulk is what I am trying to say. This however is realistic and this (might have to log into facebook for that one to work).

I would still suggest to get at least a decent multivitamin, a decent protein shake, and maybe some glutamine and/or creatine. Though feel free to try P90X without the latter.

So let me list you the products that BeachBody, that is P90X’s parent company offers you, and what I bought since I can’t afford the official products.


P90X supplement:
P90X Peak Health Formula (contains antioxidants, plant extracts, other important phytonutrients, more than 45 nutrients, claims to assist anti-aging, anti-stress, cardiovascular, energy, immune system, and memory)
What I got:
GNC Mega Men Sport
GNC Pro Performance Amplified Creatine

Notes: I used to consume 1 Centrum Forte per day, however I was told that that was not sufficient enough. Vitamins and minerals are essential to be taken with workouts and in general fitness as they help your body absorb and manage all other supplements. Idea is to take one of each in the morning and before going to bed.

P90X supplement:
P90X Peak Recovery Formula (take immediately after workout to repair, rebuild, and adapt from workout, has 40 grams of carbs, 12 grams of protein, B vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, creatine)
What I got:
Endurox R4 (52g of carbs, 13g of protein, 420mg of glutamine)

Notes: This will be taken right after the workout, I used to take a protein shake coupled with a creatine pill but I was told this is the way to go. So I will give this a shot.

P90X supplement:
P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars
What I got:
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars + Granny Smith Apple

Notes: I really can not afford protein bars, I would love to, but I don’t want to sell my kidney for money. So instead of protein bars I just have a granola bar and a granny smith apple. I try and make up some more protein with using more protein powder at dinner.

P90X supplement:
BeachBody’s Whey Protein Powder
What I got:
GNC Pro Performance Whey Iso Burst

This powder will be used for protein shakes, duh.

Workout tools:

Pull up bar: P90X pullup bar is fine if you have $60 plus $15 for shipping (by the way click on the link to see how to do assisted pull ups!), but there are many various cheaper alternatives to this bar. Just try this. There is a plethora of pull up bars out there, just make sure you do not chose this one as it doesn’t appear to be sturdy enough.

Weights/resistance bands: any weights are fine. P90X uses the BowFlex SelectTech Dumbells, which is hot, super hot, always wanted those but do you have $400 – $800 bucks kicking around? I sure don’t but if you do please contact me, I am totally accepting donations. So I bought 2 sets of dumbells plus extra weights, the ones that you can change quickly. As you start out 15 to 20 pounds should be fine. Alternatively resistance bands are also a good investment. The P90X ones will throw you back $40, there are alternatives just look for them. Don’t think that resistances bands are only for women (lol you are such a chauvinist), no every exercise that can be done with dumbbells can and will be done with resistance bands, P90X shows a lot of variations and options for various exercises including pull ups. Oh and there are some pretty ripped guys in P90X using resistance bands.

Yoga mat: Yes, P90X does include Yoga so the yoga mat is a must have. Again, P90X one will cost $30 and you can even buy some yoga blocks if you care to.

Work out clothes: I am not going to lie, whatever you wear or don’t wear is totally up to you. If you are frisky then you could probably wear nothing but your birthday suit but that might be a bit awkward. Regular shorts or long pants are fine, just make sure you feel comfortable in them. I did invest some money in my work out gear and got UnderArmor pants plus a Nike equivalent long sleeved shirt. I am not gonna lie, that material ought to be worn by everyone. Everyday every time.

Other obvious utensils are the P90X files, a pen and paper, a towel to dry yourself of.

I can’t believe a full post with not 1 picture in it. I think I have to change that immediatly!

pumping iron

pumping iron

I hope I didn’t forget anything, if I did or you have any questions, concerns, comments please feel free to do so. I hope to address them. Also, if this post lacks some sarcasm and has a ton of spelling and grammatical errors, I was in a hurry to fire this post off before tonight, please forgive me.



10 Responses to P90X – tools

  1. Hussein says:

    Awesome job man. This is exactly what I needed.

  2. germanboy3383 says:

    You are very welcome 🙂
    if you have any questions and/or hesitations drop me a line.
    Also, don’t forget to check out my day 01 blog post.

  3. Hussein says:

    Did you buy the Power Gym pull up bar from Walmart? That’s the one they have it up here.

  4. germanboy3383 says:

    I dont know the name of mine to be honest, I think we bought it at walmart though. this is the one i have at home:


  5. Hussein says:

    That link doesn’t work. But this is what I bought:


  6. germanboy3383 says:

    wow today I learnt that iPhote and Flickr are synced with each other…sorry after I uploaded the pic to flickr I deleted it off my computer apparently iPhoto auto deleted my picture automatically on Flickr right then also. Crazy.

    Anyways, yes thats the one we have here at home also. I am glad to see that you are getting ready. 🙂

    What else do you need before you can start to push the play button?

  7. Hussein says:

    I only have one set of 20lb dumbbells. So I’ll definitely need to get lower ones first as I may not be able to do those exercises with 20lb when just starting. Also, I will have to get all the supplements as well. Considering I don’t have a job right now, I’m taking my time gathering everything.

    And there’s a big iffy with the meal plan. Not sure if I’ll be able to follow it.

  8. germanboy3383 says:

    i think i started off with 25 dumbbells. Do you have dumbbells with fixed weights or the ones where you can change the weights? also do these dumbbells have a flat surface or are they round?

    if you care you could totally just use resistance bands.

    What’s the issue with the meal plan?

  9. Hussein says:

    I have one with fixed weight (20 lb one). I also have the plastic ones but no bar though. I use those for barbell.

    As for the meal plan, on a weekly basis, how much do you spend on it? It seems like it will be costly to follow their meal plan.

  10. germanboy3383 says:

    @ Hussein:

    sorry late response, well we pay about 100 to 150 bucks per week for food, for 2 people. the thing is as you start out with p90x i am sure you can substitute some food. i mean i am sure you could potentially eat the same meals everyday, and not have any variety in your mealplan thus reduce costs. ie do you have to eat 3 different fish per week? does it have to be turkey etc? same with breakfast, i am sure you could get away with less eggs maybe or just have protein shakes in the beginning.

    Though, if you think about it, compared to now and on p90x diet, dont you already eat at least 2 meals per day? i mean how much do you pay for that?

    as i said p90x can mean many things to different people, to get the best of results you are best just to follow to a t, but not many of us can afford that (time/money wise) so we try and accommodate where we can.

    just make sure that you eat properly (dont stuff you face with junk food) and do the workouts and results will come anyways. protein powder, creatine pills and multivitamins are essential. if you have more money to spare invest in the recovery drink. you are set.

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