P90X – day01


edit: As mentioned in my day03 post, here are the before pictures of myself, hope you enjoy them (blush):




I think today is a good day to get busy with hustling, today is a good day to start with some solid ‘DNA removal’. Today is a good day to get in shape.

Well then, lets get down and dirty. Let’s take a look at what I did today. Click on the thumbnails to get to my Flickr account and see them pictures in a higher resolution.




1 multivitamin
1 creatine pill
1 Mushroom omelet
1 cup fresh strawberries
12 oz cottage cheese (1%)

how to prepare:
– 8 egg whites, salt, pepper, 3/4 cup mushrooms, 1/2 roma tomato, 3 ounces low fat cheddar cheese
– beat egg whites silly, season
– pan medium heat, cook veggies
-add eggs until set, add cheese
Mushroom omelet: done

I hate mushrooms, I never separated egg white from the yoke, thought this dish would be horrid but oh my god it was so delicious. And it was a nice portion too. Homer Simpson would have loved it, he would have gone ‘weeeeeeeeee’ all over this. I also added some catsup and mustard on the plate to make it more colorful.

Picture of breakfast:

1 protein bar
since i don’t have protein bars I substitute it with 1 granola bar and an apple

1 chef salad

how to prepare:
– 4 ounces fat free turkey, 4 ounces ham, 3 ounces fat free mozzarella cheese, 1/2 roma tomato, 2 cups romaine letuce, 1/4 cup hearts of palm, 1 ounce avocado, 3 tablespoons low fat ranch dressing
– toss ingredients in bowl
– add dressing
chef salad: done

So, true story, I was told that we had massive amounts of turkey and ham at home, turns out we did not. So I had to find out how much protein there is in 4 ounces of turkey and 4 ounces of ham, then I had to figure out how much tofu it takes to reach that amount. Turns out its about 500g, so yeah that white stuff you can see in the salad was tofu. And the avocado, bought it on saturday, on monday apparently it still wasnt ripe, was harder than a carrot, you can imagine the salad really did not taste that well. I don’t blame the recipe though, would have kicked ass, tofu plain sucks though, that I learnt today. Also, I have no idea what hearts of palm are.

Picture of lunch:

30 pistachios

8 oz salmon
3 tbsp lemon dill sauce
1 cup asparagus
1 cup wild rice
2 cups red pepper soup
2 tbs protein powder

how to prepare:
– heat up onions, red peppers, celery in pot over medium heat
– add tomatoes, tomatoe paste, water
– bring to boil
– reduce heat and let simmer for 25 mins
– blend
– season
red pepper soup: done

The market where I shopped didn’t have asparagus so I substituted it with broccoli, I also did not have salmon so I used haddock instead, I added some more spices to the red pepper soup something I shouldn’t since I dropped some massive amount of hot spices in it by accident. Thought I could handle it, I love crying some tears when eating soup. I also added 2 tablespoons of protein powder to my water, that’s why it looks a bit rancid. Besides being super spicy both dishes were actually quite delicious. Also, I don’t use broth and the recipe for soups usually require some red or white wine, unfortunately I don’t consume alcohol so I just used water instead. It was still delicious.

Picture of dinner:

Post workout:
Recovery drink

Before going to bed:
1 multivitamin
1 creatine pill


Day 01 means it’s Chest and Back day followed by Ab Ripper X. That means doing different variations of push ups (standard, military, wide fly, decline, diamond, dive bombers) the back muscles are strenghtened by pull ups and the use of weights for 3 excercises (wide front, reverse grip, close grip overhand, heavy pants, lawnmowers, back flys). Here is a list of the excersises in proper order:

  1. standard push ups
  2. wide front pull ups
  3. military push ups
  4. reverse grip pull ups
  5. wide fly push ups
  6. close grip overhand pull ups
  7. decline push ups
  8. heavy pants
  9. diamond push ups
  10. lawnmowers
  11. dive bombers
  12. back flys

You do these 12 excersies then you repeat it all over again, this is what seperates the men from the boys. But this time instead of going 1, 2, 3, etc you will go 2, 1, 4, 3, 6, 5, 8, 7, 10, 9, 12, 11. Easy…not.

You round Day 01 off with a nice thing called Ab Ripper X, which sounds as cute as hemorrhoids and is just as pleasant.

Here is the low down, it’s freaking hard, and it’s super discouraging, when Tony and his gang pump out 25 reps of various excercises but you know, in about 4 to 6 weeks you will be able to compete with them. Here is a list of the excersises in proper order:

  1. In and Outs
  2. Bicycle
  3. Reverse Bicycle
  4. Crunchy Frog
  5. Fifer Scissors
  6. Hip Rock and Raise
  7. Pulse-ups/Heels to Heaven
  8. V-up roll ups
  9. Obliques
  10. Leg climbs
  11. Mason twist

Yeah it’s a real delicious workout. But if you want them 6 packs or even 8 packs this is the way to go. ‘I hate it, but I love it’.

This is us before the workout:

This is me after the workout:

The nice guy on the right hand side is out flatmate, his name is Justin and he is a freak of nature.

P90X Day 01: done

Feel free to leave some comments, questions and suggestions.


edit1: edited for typos and more funnies.


8 Responses to P90X – day01

  1. Muc says:

    holy crap! nice article!!! keep them coming.
    you’re taking creatine? hmmm… i would rather not see you taking that…

  2. Hussein says:

    This sounds like a lot of work. So I’m assuming you are following the P90X nutrition guide as well?

  3. germanboy3383 says:

    yeah I am taking both creatine and glutamine, both a vital and both don’t have negative effects. maybe I will write an article about both to rid the world of misnomers. I believe both creatine and glutamine are actually produced in your body but it is not enough when trying to gain these results.

    @ Hussein:
    Well it can be a lot of work. I mean we usually have to cook our meals anyways so I don’t think the cooking part is giving me a lot more work to do etc. It’s just for the first time that I cook following recipes.
    Yes, I am following the nutrition guide, which is actually based on your start weight, so these food amounts are only for people who weigh up to 180 pounds i believe. You actually have to calculate whether or not you are a level 1, 2 or 3 person based on a few formulas and you starting weight. I am level 2.

  4. Muc says:

    ya i know what creatine and glutamine does. glutamine recovers your cells after work out. creatine is more of a power storage. your body produces both. negative side effect of creatine is, when you stop taking that supplement that you wont be feeling that strong anymore. maybe take instead of 2 only 1 pill per day?

  5. […] I have updated post Day01 to include my super sexy semi nude pictures against my better judgement but in the hope to give […]

  6. Muc says:


  7. maggie says:

    Es impreciomante todo lo que has podido hacer te felicito !!!!!
    y sigue haciendo esto para todos aquellos que por intermedio de tus experiencias
    se den aliento que realmente no estan perdidos, y realmente pueden hacer algo en primer lugar para su salud, y en segundo lugar para su cuerpo, german boy te felicito . una arequipeña

  8. Scott Shoup says:

    Awesome! Nice Article. Very informable. Definatly will check back in. Keep up the good work!

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