Why I play World of Warcraft

(Thats why! Watch @ 9:20 min !!!)

The biggest difference which makes WoW stand out is the ability to meet new people at every corner through out Azeroth. WoW is a virtual world. Every character has his own profession and is unique in his look and style. In my now 5 year WoW career i met tons of people. People from literally all over the world. Some were crazy, some annoying, some were funny and some not. But some became really good friends over time. (I hereby greet Ariakas, Manor, Sirene, Jerec, Sasoni, Sirius, Rezzar and Cashmoney!) In my eyes, this game is not about XP or phat loot, it’s about meeting new people and friendship.

My WoW career started in late 2004. My paladin Muc was born on US-Stormscale. 21/0/30 was the spec to be for me. Dishing out damage in Azerothand early battlegrounds, healing as Holy spec in 40 man raids. Nowadays, i have a bunch of level 80 characters: Euro (mage), Gott (priest), Lovechain (deathknight), Prinzessin (druid) and Fantasiar (shaman). My shammy is my main nowadays.

As a competitive athlete I never had time for playing games or computer stuff in general. Even today, I find consoles like Playstation or XBOX pretty boring. I understand that you can play against other real persons via internet but still, how much do the scenarios in each fight/game differ from the one before or after? Call of Duty (CoD) or FIFA Soccer or Madden Football, it’s always the same old, same old. WoW on the other hand is an always evolving world. Generally speaking, Blizzard brings out every 1-2 years an expansion and patches the game every 6 weeks with new content. There are always new things to discover.

Furthermore, behind each Alliance or Horde character there’s a real person playing. Battles and duels are never the same because you never know what your opponent will do next. The range of possibilities how to react in certain situations is much more wider and bigger then in console games. WoW offers more. And that is, for me at least, much more entertaining then winning car races, football games or be top in CoD deathmatches.

WoW is not like any other game. This is a world with great potential in many ways. Keyword social marketing or online marketing or even web 3.0


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