P90X – day05


First and foremost I wanted to apologize for this belated post, usually I post them around 1 am when I am done for the day and ready to go to bed, but it appears that napping is not my forte, and a quick nap turns into a few hours sleep after dinner. So my workout didn’t even start until 1130 pm. Ugh, so after my workout last night I couldn’t force myself to write this post, so here it is written the next morning.

accept apology or I am going to be dinner tomorrow

accept apology or I am going to be dinner tomorrow

Here is a shout out to Richie from Canada who now lives in NYC. Hey there, I am still waiting for my spring rolls. Gosh, I am such a racist 😉

Well then, let’s take a look at what I did yesterday on day 05. Click on the thumbnails to get to my Flickr account and see them pictures in a higher resolution

Takes 5 to know one, oh wait...

Takes 5 to know one, oh wait...


1 multivitamin
1 creatine pill
1 spinach scramble
12 oz skim milk
1 grapefruit

how to prepare:
– 1/2 cup roma tomato, 1 cup spinach leave, 8 egg whites, 3 ounces feta cheese, 1 tablespoon fresh basil
– saute tomatoes, spinach
– add beaten egg whites
– add cheese
spinach scramble: done

I used regular tomatoes and instead of feta cheese I used 1 ounce cheddar and 1 ounce mozzarella cheese, Against I used 1 spoon of protein powder in my milk, to this date I can not drink ‘white’ milk on its own. It makes me gag.

Picture of breakfast:

1 protein bar
since i don’t have protein bars I substitute it with 1 granola bar and an apple.

8 oz turkey burger
3 oz low fat swiss cheese
1 cup coleslaw
2 cups gazpacho
2 tbsp protein powder

how to prepare:
– 8 ounces ground turkey breast, 2 tablespoons sourdough bread crumbs, 4 tablespoons low-fat buttermilk, 3 teaspoons green onions, 3 teaspoons parsley, 1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard, 2 dashes worcestershire sauce, 2 dashes black pepper
– preheat grill/broiler
– toss ingredients
– grill until cooked
turkey burger: done

I didn’t make the burger from scratch, I used 2 premade lean non breaded chicken burgers. I stuck the 2 paddies including the cheeses in between two whole wheat English muffins. The gazpacho soup I kinda of combined the ingredients for the red pepper soup and gazpacho soup together and my own creation, it didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it to. The coleslaw was also freshly made, recipe for that next week.

Picture of lunch:

12 oz cottage cheese, 1%

Cottage cheese was freaking awesome, I wish I could have it for every meal – end saracasm. Holy sh!t, cottage cheese tastes like ass, or even worse. I don’t know I had the urge to gag throughout eating this delicious food. I only managed to eat 8 ounces of this. No seriously. If you thought the workouts are bad, lord loving Jesus, cottage cheese is worse than any other workout. Cottage cheese makes baby Jesus cry. Rumor has it this lady had eaten cottage cheese in the past, now only hearing the words ‘cottage’ and ‘cheese’ will induce this reaction (I sympathize):

8 oz swordfish
3 tbsp mango ginger sauce
1 cup wild rice
1 artichoke

how to prepare:
– invest in a decent mango ginger sauce or health alternative
mango ginger sauce: done

I am a pacifist so I don’t endorse violent fish, I also don’t eat gun chicken, bayonet pork, or granade turkeys. Jokes aside, I used 8 ounces of salmon instead, used the low calorie balsamic vinaigrette and used broccoli instead of artichoke.

Picture of dinner:

Post workout:
Recovery drink

Before going to bed:
1 multivitamin
1 creatine pill


Day 05 means legs and back day which is rounded off with ab ripper x. For this workout, you will need the pullup bar, a chair, and weights/resistance bands. I think this is my favorite workout as I seem to outperform Tony and the gang on several leg exercises.

There are no sets. Proper form is important, there are alternatives to the pull ups with use of chair or resistance bands, people have problems with the wall squats, cheat a little, do the best you can, progress will come over time. Here is a list of the excersises in proper order:

  1. balance lunge
  2. calf raise squat
  3. reverse grip chin up
  4. super skater
  5. wall squat
  6. wide front pull up
  7. step back lunge
  8. alternating side lunge
  9. closed grip overhand pull up
  10. single leg wall squat
  11. deadlift squat
  12. switch grip pull up
  13. three way lunge with two kick option
  14. sneaky lunge
  15. reverse grip chin up
  16. chair salutations
  17. toe roll iso lunge
  18. wide front pull up
  19. Groucho walk
  20. calf raises
  21. closed grip overhand pull up
  22. 80/20 cyber speed squat
  23. switch grip pull up

You round Day 05 off with a nice thing called Ab Ripper X, which by now I am sure you fell in love with, right?

Here is a list of the exercises of ab ripper x in proper order:

in and outs
reverse bicycle
crunchy frog
fifer scissors
hip rock and raise
V-up roll ups
leg climbs
mason twist

You will do ab ripper x 3 times per week, so you better get used to them. Progress is slow and steady, but it is noticeable how much you improve from week to week doing this.

have God mercy on us

have God mercy on us

Ok so we are nearing the end for the day, what’s left is a nice recovery drink and a super relaxing shower.

what I cant hear cant hurt me

what I can't hear can't hurt me

P90X Day 05: done

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4 Responses to P90X – day05

  1. Porfeo says:

    Nice man, please keep this up. I am currently on Day 2 so, this allows me to get a nice preview of whats to come the next day. The details are great.. And I hear you about Ab Ripper X,, I began with 15 reps of each exercise and barely finished it >.<

  2. germanboy3383 says:

    @ Porfeo:
    I am soo happy that people find this blog useful, thanks that will motivate me to keep up with the posts 🙂
    yeah the first 3 weeks of P90X are tough, but once you get into the groove it’s just rock solid fun from there, well ‘fun’ really.

  3. Beachbody says:

    Yeah, keep posting! I really love reading other people’s say on P90x especially on their personal experience. You can also checkout mine on my site!

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