Wallpapers – I show you mine, show me yours

Hi there,

I was trying to find new wallpapers for my 24 inch iMac the other day only to realize that I hate about 99% of the provided wallpaper websites that are out there. In this article I will explore some of the issues I have encountered and I will post all of the wallpapers I use. The idea is, I show you my wallpapers, fell free to show me yours in the comments section, I am so eager to see more good wallpapers.

For me a wallpaper should be something simple yet sophisticated (haven’t heard that in a while, eh? what does that even mean?), but sometimes it should be playful. I have my wallpapers set to be changed every 5 minutes, I mean what is the point of having different wallpapers when you can’t even see them.

Van Willie Gogh

Van Willie Gogh

That’s the equivalent of owning a Van Gogh and putting it in the garage next to the bikes, the bikes you wanted for your birthday or Christmas because you told your parents that you would really use the bike a lot. Now it’s just collecting dust and is probably housing spider families. Well, I suppose that’s a good thing then, you gave a spider family a roof over their head. I suppose that still better than your face under a spider though…

Roof over head, you are doing it wrong

Roof over head, you are doing it wrong

Back on topic, with a 24 inch screen you will notice that if you really want a good wallpaper you need at least 1920×1200 resolution, now that is a common resolution for wallpapers now, but what about objects or older wallpapers that are in smaller dimensions. A 1024×768 or 1280×960 on a 1920×1200 (by the way do not confuse those numbers with 90210, that’s something else entirely) will evidently mean that you have to fill or stretch the wallpaper out of proportion and you will find yourself being disturbed by the pixelated something that is your wallpaper.

pixels pixels pixels

pixels pixels pixels

Which is rather irritating. Imagine hiring a midget, make him/her sit on your shoulder, and now he will blow a breeze into one of your eyes. Haha, that’s funny you say, no problem there, sure of course not, the first 5 minutes might be fun but the novelty might wear of soon thereafter, you just wish you hadn’t hired a midget to do that in the first place (I hereby condone all midgets held for slavery and/or novelty acts).

thats just wrong on so many levels, who wears yellow these days

that's just wrong on so many levels, who wears yellow these days

So, what I was trying to tell you is that in order to love your wallpaper, you not only have to have a decent/compelling one that you like but more importantly it must have the proper resolution based on your monitor’s dimension. To find out what your computer’s resolution is there is even a website, check out www.whatismyscreenresolution.com.

dimensions matter

dimensions matter

Now that is all super, if you don’t like cars that were made more than 5 years ago, when 1920×1200 was popular. Anyone ever try and find a decent 1920×1200 wallpaper of a Nissan Skyline GT-R, I am talking about the R34 here by the way, the 5th generation GT-R, made somewhat more famous by the fast and the furious movies. So good luck trying to find a decent 1920×1200 of that one.

Anyways, without further ado let me show you what I got, wink wink. Credits go to the creators of these fantastic wallpapers, I have used many different sources to find them, don’t try and let me find them because some of them were to obscure. If you click on one of them you will be directed to my flickr account and will get a max 1024×640 resolution. This is why I have included a .zip file at the end of this post that can be downloaded via megaupload for free with the full resolution pictures.

Hope to see some of your wallpapers.

wallpaper 001

This is the official Mac OS X Leopard Server wallpaper.

wallpaper 002

Have you ever seen the cataclysm wallpapers that circulate(d) the web, I am sure you have. They are made by Greg Martin and they can be downloaded from his website.

wallpaper 003

Someone played around with Apple’s Time Machine’s background and made this…i think.

wallpaper 004

Apple’s credo, think different.

wallpaper 005

Audi R8, stunningly beautiful car.

wallpaper 006

Random picture, I love the sky so much, even though I kind of dislike the foreground, the background makes up for it.

wallpaper 007

Black curtains, it’s like someone is daring me open them. I wonder what’s behind them.

wallpaper 008

I can swim, but apparently the ‘Oh fuck I can’t swim’ sign can not. What a brave soul…may he/she/it rest in peace.

wallpaper 009

soothing curves, living in a dichotic relationship with each other. ROFL

wallpaper 010

The cosmos, I feel so insignificant, or should I say I feel even more insignificant now.

wallpaper 011

Random white blood splatter. ET got shot and his blood was white. Also, for some reason, it can morph into an Apple sign, or at least trace its outlines. Weird.

wallpaper 012

Regular Mac OS X wallpaper, but just because it is regular doesn’t make it less eyecatching, it really is eye candy, or how Apple folks call it iCandy.

wallpaper 013

Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R. I don’t like it as much as I like the R34 but what the heck, twist my arm.

wallpaper 014

I wanna eat an apple now.

wallpaper 015

This is part of an anime, called Elfen Lied, I took a screenshot of it, and a friend of mine made a vector art of out it. I am so thankful.

wallpaper 016

Burning cosmos? Where is Engine 62,  Ladder 32, Battalion 15 when you need them. That would be a Rescue Me reference.

wallpaper 017

This is how aliens see us from outer space, I was told.

wallpaper 018

I used to play World of Warcraft and my favorite instance was Sunwell. This is my tribute to it.

wallpaper 019

The big bang, I was there to capture it.

wallpaper 020

Bugatti Veyron, German engineering.

wallpaper 021

Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R.

wallpaper 022

Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R, front view.

wallpaper 023

I bet you don’t know what kind of car this is. All I can say is the Stig drove it, he drove it hard.

wallpaper 024

I guess it can’t get anymore simpler than that.

wallpaper 025

Lamborghini Murcielago, sexy car, plus I really like the story behind its name.

wallpaper 026

Mercedes SLR, all I can say is weeeeeeeeeeeeee.

wallpaper 027

Another Audi R8. They are everywhere…

wallpaper 028


wallpaper 029

Green stuff, I think Slimer ejaculated all over this.

wallpaper 030

Again, ET was shot, this time infront of a blue wall.

wallpaper 031


wallpaper 032

This one has japanese flare written all over it.

wallpaper 033

Tihihiihi Homer being himself. Nice job whoever made this.

wallpaper 034

This actually does look like an old English wallpaper (note I have never been to England before, neither am I old, thus my previous statement has no valid merit to it).

wallpaper 035

Water, I loves it.

wallpaper 036

FInally, Nissan Skyline R-34 GT-R, a bit too much tuning for my taste but at least its 1920×1200.

wallpaper 037

R35 again. I think it’s going rather fast.

wallpaper 038

Mac OS X wallpaper.

wallpaper 039

R-35, this time not going fast, rather it’s going very slow, ie 0 km/h.

wallpaper 040

Another Nissan Skyline R-34 picture but it’s not really that good. It actually looks like a model. This is how desperate I am for a decent 1920×1200 of this. 😦

wallpaper 041

Nebula, do you feel insignificant yet?

wallpaper 042

Ugh, I hope this is not a bad omen to come for the future of Apple.

wallpaper 043

Some colors interacting with each other. Sounds super hot. Do you want to interact with me? No? Are you sure?

wallpaper 044

Let me introduce you to earth as seen from outer space. Can I see myself there?

wallpaper 045

Sunrise in space, how lovely.

wallpaper 046

Another anime related wallpaper, this one is from bleach.

wallpaper 047

I like to pirate things…yarrrrrr.

wallpaper 048

I like the ocean and its inhabitants. Clown fish have such vibrant colors.

wallpaper 049

Pagani Zonda on one of the most famous track in the world.

wallpaper 050

Super abstract. Pinball meets Tron.

That’s all for now folks.

link to download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O4WNBWE8

Ok, it’s your turn now 😉

Feel free to leave some comments, questions and suggestions. Feel free to use the top menu to navigate our blog for older posts regarding P90X, Apple/Mac, Marketing, Internet, WoW. Please spread the news about this little blog and feel free to hit that digg button.



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