P90X – day10


who here worked out so hard that his/her workout clothes didn’t even properly dry for todays work out. Yuk, I suppose the humid weather here didn’t help the cause either.

stupid as a focks, i wonder if his underwear dried

stupid as a focks, i wonder if his underwear dried

Aight, it’s time for a shout out, this one is going to Jesse K. in Calgary for being super awesome and reading this blog daily, we had good times in high school. Hope that this can convince you to push the play button on P90X in the future.

Well then, let’s take a look at what I did today. Click on the thumbnails to get to my Flickr account and see them pictures in a higher resolution.

X = 10, geesh

X = 10, geesh


1 multivitamin
1 creatine pill
3 slices turkey bacon
1 chicken scramble
6 oz fresh squeezed juice

how to prepare:
– 8 egg whites, 3 ounces chicken breast (cooked), 3 ounces fat free parmesan cheese, 2 teaspoons fresh basil
– beat egg whites
chicken scramble: done

I used the chicken bacon and the chicken tossed it in the pan with som garlic, stirred in some egg whites, added some low fat mozzarella, 2 ounces to be exact, and 1 ounce of cheddar cheese.  I don’t drink juices of any kind so I just drank water instead. I believe that 6 oz of freshly squeezed juice will not make or break breakfast to be honest. I was being silly and did what mommy always forbid me to do, play with the food. I made my food version of this:

serious pussy

serious pussy

food equivalent:


serious food

Picture of breakfast:


seriously emo food

1 protein bar
since i don’t have protein bars I substitute it with 1 granola bar and an apple.

1 chicken salad
3 cups salad greens
2 cups vegetable soup
2 tbsp protein powder

how to prepare:
– 8 ounces chicken, 2-1/2 ounces low fat mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon dijon mustard, 2-1/2 tablespoon green onions, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon fresh dill, 1/2 cup celery
– poach chicken
– let all the ingredients intermingle with each other
chicken salad: done

So what do you do when you girlfriend eates all your chicken? Apparently your chicken salad will turn into a fish salad. Good times ensued. Well I suppose it wasn’t really that bad. Just a bit annoying to see that our food supplies are nearing its end and we are trying to see if we can go on till the weekend without having to buy anything. Should make for a few interesting days.

Picture of lunch:

4 oz soy nuts

I used 2 oz of pistachios and 2 oz of cashew nuts instead of soy nuts. I will try and get some soy nuts for the future, I am getting a bit tired of the pistachios and cashew taste to be honest.

Wait! Im having one of those things... like a headache with pictures... an idea!

Wait! I'm having one of those things... like a headache with pictures... an idea!

8 oz halibut
3 tbsp pesto sauce
1 cup wild rice
1 cup zuchini

how to prepare:
– buy pesto sauce
pesto sauce: done

I used some white fish, I am pretty sure it wasn’t halibut though, might have been sole, might have been haddock, was definitively not salmon or chicken of the sea. Again did a funny with the food, I am, after-all, very juvenile. Also, lack of zucchini means I had to use asparagus.

Picture of dinner:

Post workout:
Recovery drink

Before going to bed:
1 multivitamin
1 creatine pill


Day 10 means it’s shoulders and arms day followed by Ab Ripper X. For this you will need a chair, weights or a resistance band, water and a good attitude. You will work on your shoulders and arms, and please make sure to watch out for your form. Quality is more important than quantity. Happy to report that I could increase the weight of some exercises from 20 to 25 pounds.



I already explained how day03 works, if you want to know more check back to the day03 post. Here is a list of the excersises in proper order:

  1. Alternating Shoulder Press
  2. In and Out Bicep Curls
  3. Two Arm Tricep Kickback
  4. Deep Swimmer’s Press
  5. Full Supination Concentration Curl
  6. Chair Dip
  7. Upright Row
  8. Static Arm Curl
  9. Flip Grip Twist Tricep Kickback
  10. Seated Two Angle Shoulder Fly
  11. Crouching Cohen Curl
  12. Lying Down Tricep Extension
  13. In and Out Straight Arm Shoulder Fly
  14. Congdon Curl
  15. Side Tri Rise

You round Day 10 off with a sweet little treat called Ab Ripper X.

Here is a list of the excersises in proper order:

  1. In and Outs
  2. Bicycle
  3. Reverse Bicycle
  4. Crunchy Frog
  5. Fifer Scissors
  6. Hip Rock and Raise
  7. Pulse-ups/Heels to Heaven
  8. V-up roll ups
  9. Obliques
  10. Leg climbs
  11. Mason twist

Yeah it’s a real delicious workout. No pain no gain, you want to get into the best shape of your life then you have to put in the effort. ‘I hate it, but I love it’.

a proud pussy (yes i went there)

a proud pussy (yes i went there)

P90X Day 10: done

Feel free to leave some comments, questions and suggestions. Feel free to use the top menu to navigate our blog for older posts regarding P90X, Apple/Mac, Marketing, Internet, WoW. Please spread the news about this little blog and feel free to hit that digg button.



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