Insanity – day01

Knock knock…whose there?

Here’s Johnny


Did you miss me

If you can recall my last post was 17/08/2009, according to science and the general public, it has been way too long since hearing from me.

I am sorry, I must apologize.


Forgive me, will you?

So where the F have I been you ask? Well apparently I have been busy with school, and the 2.5 hour commute takes its toll, oh and my brother was kind enough to lure me back to WoW, that is World of Warcraft for people who might live under a rock. This also means that I grossly neglected my workout routine and this blog. (insert sad face)

face sad

more sadness

Anyways, I decided that I dont like to be out of shape, and that it is time to get back to business. School wise I seem to do fine, I am on the Dean’s list and thats where I want to stay. And I quit WoW because that game has gone down the pooper (wait for a future opinion post about that).

So the question I had to face was, do I want to do P90X again or this other thing that is tutted (is that the right word?) to be harder; in the end I settled for the hard option: Beachbody’s Insanity!

I already did the first week, as I always do to check out the mechanics of it and it seemed ok. It’s pretty my cardio vascular endurance to the max. Think, for P90X enthusiasts, plyo everyday in various forms. Sounds delicious eh?

To further illustrate how taxing it was/is on me who is grossly out of shape, look at this pic:

kicking balls


After, or even during, the workout I rather have someone do the kicking to my balls then continue with the Insanity workout. The amount of fail on my part is astounding. But I hope to improve over time. Still can’t fgure out why I seem not to be able to push myself though, my legs feel so heavy during most of the workout, is that because of my shitty physical status or because I haven’t had enough carbs to fuel my body?

Anyways, I am in a hurry, I will probably edit this post later for more info. Day 01 (out of 60) was on tuesday, so looking forward to day 03 tonight.

Also, anyone wanna buy a wow account? šŸ™‚

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