Blizzard & Activition creating a new social online platform



Activition (Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, etc.) and Blizzard Entertainment (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo), now Activition Blizzard Inc., are creating a new “cross-game communication” platform with “social networking features”. The good ol’ from the Starcraft Broodwar, Warcraft and Diablo days will be used for that. The revamped with all the full social features will go live with the release of Starcraft II in early 2010. The basics of is already online and can be found here. So far you can only add your blizzard games by using your game keys. Feel free to comment to how big this new online community might become.


Why I play World of Warcraft


(Thats why! Watch @ 9:20 min !!!)

The biggest difference which makes WoW stand out is the ability to meet new people at every corner through out Azeroth. WoW is a virtual world. Every character has his own profession and is unique in his look and style. In my now 5 year WoW career i met tons of people. People from literally all over the world. Some were crazy, some annoying, some were funny and some not. But some became really good friends over time. (I hereby greet Ariakas, Manor, Sirene, Jerec, Sasoni, Sirius, Rezzar and Cashmoney!) In my eyes, this game is not about XP or phat loot, it’s about meeting new people and friendship. full story »

India TV-market, anyone?


So apparently germany and its german speaking neighbors, Austria and Switzerland aren’t enough for my agency called lucky7even which is located in munich Germany. For one of our clients we are considering to expand to India! No joke! I mean a population of 1,166,730,000 is a little bit more then the 82,062,200 we got here in Germany. And who needs the ca. 100 german speaking TV-stations when you can have roughly about 900 indian broadcaster and TV-stations? Why produce film footage in only one language when you can have 22 different languages in a single country? So the question is: does anyone know which the most popular TV-stations in India are??? full story »