Blizzard & Activition creating a new social online platform



Activition (Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, etc.) and Blizzard Entertainment (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo), now Activition Blizzard Inc., are creating a new “cross-game communication” platform with “social networking features”. The good ol’ from the Starcraft Broodwar, Warcraft and Diablo days will be used for that. The revamped with all the full social features will go live with the release of Starcraft II in early 2010. The basics of is already online and can be found here. So far you can only add your blizzard games by using your game keys. Feel free to comment to how big this new online community might become.

Apple/Mac essentials


Why hello there,

this entry will be dedicated to the things that make a Mac not only unique but take productivity to the next level. Enhance your Mac to make it fly. Give it some steroids and see how wonderfully powerful the Mac really is. Belittled by the PC brotherhood for many years, show them who is the boss by learning to get the most out of your Mac. Make your Microsoft ‘friends’ jealous with the abilities that you can unleash with some pretty nifty apps.

Pc < Mac

Pc < Mac

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Hello world!


Hello world,

July 23 2009 will be marked not only as the most boring day this year but also will be this blogs birthday.

hello world
hello world

This blog will be a start up project of two brothers who will try and ‘edutain’ the masses about what they think is important.

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