Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty


A new gameplay clip of Blizzard’s new Starcraft game Wings of Liberty. Graphics improved a ton compared to the previous version Broodwar. Who else can’t wait to see the full game? How are the new social features going to work in I’m going Protoss and you?

Achievements in Isle of Conquest


It’s been a long day in Azeroth. Today after Ulduar 10-man raid there was nothing better to do then to farm the new battleground Isle of Conquest for a couple of hours. Achievement Screenshotter recorded Fantasiar’s latest achievements in IoC. full story »

Why I play World of Warcraft


(Thats why! Watch @ 9:20 min !!!)

The biggest difference which makes WoW stand out is the ability to meet new people at every corner through out Azeroth. WoW is a virtual world. Every character has his own profession and is unique in his look and style. In my now 5 year WoW career i met tons of people. People from literally all over the world. Some were crazy, some annoying, some were funny and some not. But some became really good friends over time. (I hereby greet Ariakas, Manor, Sirene, Jerec, Sasoni, Sirius, Rezzar and Cashmoney!) In my eyes, this game is not about XP or phat loot, it’s about meeting new people and friendship. full story »